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V.A. - Paid in Black

Titel / Title A tribute to Johnny Cash 
Label Wolverine Records  
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Also four years after his death the „man in black“ is still one of the most influential artists in the music business. Now also Wolverine Records pays tribute to the legend with a compilation containing exclusive cover versions of Johnny Cash Songs re-interpreted by horrorpunk and psychobilly acts. What, at first, sounds a bit risky soon turns out to be quite well done because Blitzkid from Virginia, USA already kick things off nicely with the well-known “I walk the line” which was put into an all-new punk outfit. Also the following songs „Sam Hall“ interpreted by Boo Berrys from „Ghoulenburg“, Sweden, „Cocaine Blues“ with Electric Frankenstein from New Jersey; USA and „Big River“ with The Aggro-Nuts from California, USA kick ass and give those old Cash songs a punk-y makeover. Other songs stick more closely to the country original, only with some more added electric guitars. And so the question is, would good ol´ Johnny turn in his grave? Probably not because this compilation once again proves how big his musical influence on artists was, is and will be.

1. „I Walk the Line“ – Blitzkid
2. “Sam Hall” – The Boo Berrys
3. “Cocaine Blues” – Electric Frankenstein
4. “The Kneeling Drunkard´s Plea” – The Spookshow
5. “ Big River” – The Aggro-Nuts
6. “Give My Love to Rose” – Mister Monster
7. “Cry, Cry, Cry” – The Ghoul
8. “Folsom Prison Blues” – Lonesome Spurs
9. “One Piece at a Time” – Nuke & The Living Dead
10. “The Wreck of the Old ´97” – The Massacres
11. “Dark as a Dungeon” – Colonel Sanders´ Grave
12. “Wanted Man” – Psycho Charger
13. “Sunday Morning Coming Down” – The Bang Tale

Kathleen Gransalke

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