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Titel / Title Draculea 
Label Scarlet Records/SPV 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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This is how Black Metal is fun! The Italian Band Necrodeath, who can look back on a 25-year-career, will definitely raise a lot of attention in the scene with this album. Rather inspired by classical Metal/Thrash, this concept album re-tells the story of the legendary Vlad Tepes and offers Horror-style Intro and Outro, but this is pretty much everything that follows genre-cliches. Necrodeath rather remind you of Morbid Angel than Cradle Of Filth and stay in mid-tempo, plus excellent percussion parts – and they groove like hell. Yet still they manage to pull off a sinister dark atmosphere, so that in comparison their Venom cover “Countess Bathory” sounds somewhat cheerful. Great!

Klaudia Weber

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