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Psycho Luna

Titel / Title Göttin 
Label Black Bards Entertainment 
Total run time
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I have to admit that I needed some time to get used to a) those German lyrics and b) this punky-raw sound with those rather snotty vocal style. But after track 5 it got better, and “Komm Wir Leben” I found pretty good, actually... Difficult to say if the Neue Deutsche Welle movement is so far in the past already so that it can become a new cult thing again, but actually Psycho Luna sound for me like a logic sequel to Peter Schilling/Spliff. A bit Pop, a bit Rock, some Electro, some Goth Wave Dark Romance with a bit heavy Punk, e. g. “Mörder der Liebe”. The lyrics are partly poetical, partly provocative, partly cynical. The quintet from Jülich is definitely difficult to put into a genre. Psycho Luna, though, could nicely be combined with Nina Hagen... The German version of The Cure? The Punk version of Tokio Hotel? Definitely nothing like “easy listening”.

Klaudia Weber

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