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Shatter Messiah

Titel / Title God Burns Like Flesh 
Label Dockyard 1 
Total run time
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I bet it´s enough to mention Nevermore or Annihilator to get your attention, and guitar player Curran Murphy was in the line-ups of both acts mentioned. Shatter Messiah has been his own project since 2006, with Greg Wagner (voc), drummer Robert Falzano (also ex-Annihilator), bassist Jason Chamberlain and guitarist Dusty Holt he found congenial partners-in-crime. Power Metal bands on this sinde of the ocean, beware! This is a band that could just blow you away, and off stage, probably literally... Just muthafuckin great stuff that gets Metalheads a-roll. Tarot, Nevermore, Sanctuary, Iced Earth are possible comparisons that are provoked by this Metal Messiah. A bit of Speed and Thrash, and some funky Jazz parts that I found a bit too far-out (“This Is The Day”), the reason why I cannot give maximum points... But anyway, besides the title track “Pathway” and “Tomorrow Immortal” are simply fantastic songs. A must!

Klaudia Weber

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