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Titel / Title Stigma Eternal  
Label Massacre Records 
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Honestly, Death Metal is a genre you cannot listen to all the time, and the bands differ only regarding rhythm changes and voice range. And itīs not easy for a DM band, if you donīt want to be labelled as 08/15 clone act.

Deadborn is a band who managed to avoid that and created their own style. Still you could compare them with others, which I want to avoid here, because after listening to the CD several times (Ohhhh yeeees, you CAN listen to this one several times) their very particular style begins to unfold.

The first track "Pain is God" shows what is to come up, perfection DM that only a few bands manage to pull off. Deadborn are technically excellent, e. g. clear blastbeat-stops and riffing. The vocals are quite fitting, and the low bass supplies a solid basis.
And almost every track supplies a slower grooving part to give moshers a break.

Live you can check out Deadborn next year at various festivals (e.g. Party-San, Up from the Ground,Fuck the Commerce). Besides 8 music tracks the CD also contains a video, to be seen on youtube, too: Quite explicit, professional and artistic, have not seen that in a long time, and some bigger bands can take that as an example,

Dear technical/perfection DM fans, this is something for you. I can just wish those guys a lot of success and more women.

Christian Girstmair, transl. K. Weber

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