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Blinding Zoe

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The EP „Blinding Zoe“ of the German band of the same name was already recorded in 2005, but is now re-released to have it distributed to a much bigger crowd. The EP includes five songs plus one bonus track with different leitmotifs, which could reflect the development of a young, aspiring band: Anger – Hope – Energy – Despair – Result. The picture of the three guys in the booklet (worryingly the singer and guitarist sports an embarrassing Limp Bizkit shirt) raises a slight feeling of panic, but thank God you can´t hear anything of that “band” in Blinding Zoe´s music. Thus the guys remind rather of Silverchair, and also vocally there are many similarities to Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns. Here and there you can also hear some Deftones influences. The overall result, though, sounds a little bit lame, there´s too little happening here musically to make you want to listen more carefully for a second time. It´s just a thin line between melancholic music and music that sounds a bit pale. But there´s still hope!

Kathleen Gransalke

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