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V.A. - A Lounge & Bossa Tribute to Turbonegro

Titel / Title Los Suaves Negroes: A Lounge & Bossa Tribute to Turbonegro  
Label Despotz Records 
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With “Alpha Motherfucker” there already has been a tribute to Turbonegro. On this 2001 work several rock bands showed their love for the band and re-interpreted songs of the denim demons from Oslo in their own way. Now, six years later, it is time again to pay homage to the heroes of death punk and so Despotz Records put together a compilation as unusual as the Norwegians themselves, because here partly quite unknown electronica, jazz, lounge, bossa nova acts from Sweden have the heart to cover some Turbonegro songs and thereby give the material of the heavy guys a whole new perspective. Especially if you take into consideration that half of the songs are sung by women. Those who know Richard Cheese and his re-interpretations of amongst others Slipknot’s “People = Shit” and NIN “Closer” will have some kind of idea what is to expect. Maybe it helps if you imagine how Norah Jones would do the very emotional “I Got Erection”, in that case the version is just awesome. What, with Richard Cheese, is rather a comedic attempt of re-interpretation, is here coming across quite differently, the songs sound sincere and are performed with a lot of creativity. Those who would like to have more variety in their CD collection but don’t want to miss out on “erection”, “death punk”, “fucking the world” and “balls-shaving monkeys” then this CD will make your day, even though you will need some heavier sounds for compensation afterwards.

1. New Moscow “Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed”
2. Como Si Nada “Do You Do You Dig Destruction”
3. Tony Naima “City Of Satan”
4. Baby Blå ”La Saboteur”
5. Mirc “Babylon Forever”
6. Sheraye “All my Friends Are Dead”
7. Seven Shells “Monkey On Your Back”
8. Veil Of Blue “Zillion Dollar Sadist”
9. Per och Helena ”I Got Erection”
10. DJPJGJ ”Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)”
11. Sub Luna “Denim Demon”
12. Andreas Westholm “Letter From Your Momma”
13. Marica “Sailor Man”
14. Buys Boys “Get It On”
15. My Mundane “Fuck The World (F.T.W.)”

Kathleen Gransalke

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