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Titel / Title Can You Say Kool? 
Label Remedy Records 
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Who turned the clock forward, is it already 2007? That´s probably what the guys of Wyldfyre from Münster in Germany, who on their album “Can You Say Kool?” play 50-60s rockabilly music a la Elvis Presley and Bill Haley deceptively genuine, ask themselves. You almost have the feeling that the record was beamed straight from the 60s into modern times. The band is a side-project of Lutz Vegas, who one or the other may know from the V8Wankers. For those who still have a tin of pomade somewhere in their home or think that sideburns are tasteful this band could have some kind of entertainment value, for all others this record is a hot tip as a Christmas present for your mom and/or grandma.

Kathleen Gransalke

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