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Lay Down Rotten

Titel / Title Reconquering The Pit 
Label Metal Blade 
Total run time
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The fourth longplayer auf the Germans Lay Down Rotten invites with a Zombie-Terminator character to reconquer the pit. And this is the way it should work out: right after the intro with a horror-soundtrack the title song begins, and it will be definitely a major hit being played live.

First you have some time to prepare for a Wall Of Death and listen to the tune that will be heard throughout the song. Then the blast beat starts, the bodies are going to collide, and itīs time to run for your life in the circle pit, collide with more bodies in an attempt to survive the chaos.

This is perhaps a good description of a Lay Down Rotten gig, according to the bandīs lyrics. As you might have guessed by now, those are no sissies but meat-eating Death metallers.

Those 8 songs are all about 5 min long and feature creative catchy tunes and grooving parts that harmonize with the music. The vocals are pretty Old School, very low growls but you can still understand the words. Blast beats and real killer riffs, nothing left to wish for. Go and buy it!

Christian Girstmair, transl. K. Weber

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