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The English have heart, Germans have angst, and Texans have the firepower - throw them together and you might get WWIII, or a highly explosive rock band, an international force of musicians from three countries and two continents.
It was in L.A. that Adam Balogh(Vocals / Guitars), born in Hungary, grown up in Germany crossed paths with Ben-Jammin, a rock n roller that plays drums like a Texas clichťÖ loud and big. An English lad named Steve Burchell (Guitars) had also made the leap across the pond in search of a rock Mecca in L.A. After only days in the U.S., he found ZšnKoma.
The band headed to the studio in late 2006 and the result was a pedal to the floor, fuel injected dose of rockÖ real rock. Itís no wonder why the legendary Bill Dooley (Paramount), was quick to jump on board as the mastering engineer for these three songs. This band already has thousands of miles under their belts, and that was to just start the band. This is only the beginning.

ZšnKoma recorded three songs as preview of the forthcoming EP which will be released in early 2008. They perform a rock sound with the right glamish touch filled with heaviness. And this has nothing to do with the soft glam pop of underaged retort bands that flood Germany these days!
The sound is full of power, energy and attitude. These songs already present the facilities and the wide spread repertoire of the three talented musicians of ZšnKoma Ė and these songs want you to listen to more!

1.Road to Nowhere
2.Lady Jade
3.Foot Massage

Nina Lindholm

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