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Titel / Title Leave And Enter Empty Rooms 
Label Black Bards Entertainment  
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Scandinavian melancholy works quite well, even if this time it comes from Austrian Alps.
And Mely make great music. Period.

That fact was confirmed by my unsuspecting test audience. Suddenly conversation ebbed out because everybody wanted to focus on the music... I have to explain that I know this band from the very beginning, but even back then their huge potential was obvious. After two self-made CDs, with this “real” album and a professional production, they hopefully have a chance to win a bigger audience, finally. Because the sound of the brothers Andreas (vox, git) and Martin Mataln (keys, back vox), Peter Lengfeldner (git, back vox), Daniel Huber (bass) and Helmut Waltl (dr) is absolutely unique. Melodic Metal riffing, a characteristic but not overpowering keyboard, Andi´s hypnotic voice, a little bit of Prog and those sophisticated but extremely catchy choruses (and they pull that off live, too) – they inevitably get under your skin, you just have to listen to this CD over and over again.
Just the chorus of “Fail While I Try” gives you goose bumps, as well as the Type-O-slow-motion intro of “God Nowhere”, and a heart-rending “Remembrance” can easily compete with Anathema or Opeth hymns. Another plus are three re-recorded older songs from their previous CDs (I just recommend to listen to “Dust”).


PS: The only reason for not giving the maximum – I think the production could still be improved!

Klaudia Weber

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