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The Ocean

Titel / Title Precambrian 
Label Metal Blade 
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End of 2000 guitarist/songwriter Robin Staps moved to Berlin with the intention to materialize his musical vision with The Ocean. A year later the musical collective leased the basement of a former aluminum factory from World War II and converted it into “Oceanland”, a complex that includes rehearsal, studio and sleeping rooms, where all their previous albums have been recorded. Even in their early stages The Ocean raised attention in the scene, 2003 they won a band contest for the Riotfest in Antwerp, Belgium, and finally cut a deal with Metal Blade where “Aeolian” was released in 2006. This is the follow up, and I have almost no words to describe this album. It is heavy, melodic, weird, catchy, atmospheric, crazy, contains Death Metal and classical elements, and all that in such perfectly balanced, attuned, exciting combination – you have to listen to it more often just to capture the complexity of this CD. And if you like Opeth and the like, you are going to love this one. Moreover, there is this extraordinary cover with lyrics and philosophical sayings that definitely will fascinate you, just like the music. Top value!

drums, percussion - Torge Liessmann
guitars - Matt Beels, Robin Staps, Walid Farruque
bass - Mike Pilat, Hannes Huefken, Jonathan Heine
cello - Stefan Heinemeyer
viola - Karina Suslov
violin - Christoph von der Nahmer
piano - Katharina Sellheim
saxophone - John Gürtler
glockenspiel - Daniel Eichholz
tambourine - Jonas Olsson
additional samples - Tomas Svensson
vocals - Mike Pilat, Nico Webers, Rene Nocon, Robin Staps, Nate Newton, Dwid Hellion, Jan Oberg, Caleb Scofield, Eric Kalsbeek, Jason Emry, Meta,
live percussion: Gerd Kornmann
live visuals: Nils Lindenhayn
samples, creative despotism - Robin Staps

Klaudia Weber

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