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Feeling B

Titel / Title Grün & Blau 
Label Motor Music 
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In fashion green and blue match just as little as the combination punk and GDR but Feeling B, who released the first punk album of the GDR in 1989, proved the opposite to everyone. Founded 1983 in Berlin, they belonged to the most famous alternative bands that came from East Germany. Now a CD with the already above mentioned title “Grün & Blau [Green & Blue] is published along with a 160-page book and contains newly-remastered tracks of the band. Amongst others Paul Landers and Christian “Flake” Lorenz, who one or the other might know from a certain other utterly successful German band, belong to the band´s alumni. The music of Feeling B has, however, not much in common with Rammstein, apart from the language of course, only here and there the band plays with electro beats and those typical riffs. The sound in general is very eclectic; there are 70´s retro sounds with organ (Casio keyboards?), electro and medieval sounds, rock tracks or even 80´s synth. There should be something for everyone. The lyrics and the rather spoken-style vocals are, however, rather something that needs getting used to and thus singing teachers should maybe keep their hands off of this album. Probably also people who don´t know where the band is coming from won´t necessarily “get” the band, for all others: have fun reminiscing.

Kathleen Gransalke

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