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Medleyjukebox are another band from Luxembourg, and according to the press release their music can be roughly described as „rocking funkcore“. One has to, however, wait for the fourth song until the band strikes some more funkier notes, which brings up some distant associations to RHCP. The mission of Medleyjukebox is to “never give the listener [or themselves] a chance to get bored” which musically works very well here and there (see Mars Volta), sometimes, though, the band still sounds a bit like a student band who doesn´t really know yet in what direction they actually want to go. The weakest point is, however, the clean vocal style (the screams come across quite well). Here the pitch doesn´t really fit with the songs, and anyway the “singer” doesn´t seem to know exactly how this “singing” really works. Conclusion: A couple of singing lessons and then try one more time!

Kathleen Gransalke

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