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In Somnius Dei

Titel / Title Illusions Of Silence 
Label Firedoom Music 
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InSomnius Dei started in Australia as a one man project by Songwriter Mark Kelson (Guitar/Drums/Vocals). Mark is better known as Guitarist/Vocalist for The Eternal & previously for his roll in Cryptal Darkness. In this band he had collaborated already with Terry Vainoras, Vocals/Bass Guitar, so in early 2006 they completed Illusions Of Silence. Mark and Terry, having both been in the Melbourne scene for over 10 years, created something being best described as an ambient Doom/Death, they captured a kind of Scandinavian melancholy in quite an epic way. Elements in the style of Pink Floyd, My Dying Bride or Swallow The Sun are put together in a quite appealing way. Definitely interesting.

Klaudia Weber

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