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Hardcore Superstar

Titel / Title Dreamin´ in a Casket 
Label Gain 
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Glam Rock but with sweat and motor oil instead of make-up and hairspray – that could be a way to characterize the sound of the Swedish Band Hardcore Superstar. Their new CD "Dreamin´ in a casket" is likely to continue their success story (Grammy nomination, chart top positions, warming up for Aerosmith), because it contains all elements of a hit-album: Extremely catchy tunes, sing-along choruses, a touch of Sleaze and Go-For-It-Hardrock that is heavy enough to please the Metalheads, too. Songs like “Need No Company”, “Sophisticated Ladies”, “Sensitive To The Light” and the title track are indeed excellent, yet in my opinion the album as a whole doesn´t really take off and sounds a bit too much like Pop. But still something to recommend. By the way, “Bastard”, the single that sold gold in Sweden, is not on this album, but there is a limited special edition with DVD.

Klaudia Weber

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