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Titel / Title The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven 
Label Dockyard 1/Soulfood 
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Diabolical music from the South, and Greece should be on the Black Metal screen due to Rotting Christ... Necromatnti, founded 1989, are considered pioneers of the second wave of Black Metal. Besides the fact that no guitars are used – only 8-string and 4-string bass - The Magus (bass/vocals) and Baron Blood (8-string-bass) have a creative sound mix on their seventh album. Epic-atmospherical music, Orchestra parts (e.g. Wagner´s Walkyre-Ride) but still sinister; rather simple genre typical songs can be found as well as complex progressive structures (e.g. The Invisible Empire, HellSeher), plus unconventional sounds and instruments, or just weird stuff like „Knights Of The Black And White Eagle“. Unique stuff that might appeal to fans outside the Black Metal scene, too. Just for my taste the overall production could have been more powerful...

Klaudia Weber

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