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Titel / Title To The Nameless Dead  
Label Metal Blade 
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Wow, an incredible powerful sound hits you right in the face! Primordial release with „To The Nameless Dead“ their sixth Album, the second for Metal Blade. And I don´t want to mention more of the history of this band, founded 1987 in Dublin, because the guys experienced pretty much everything from a rough start to pure Spinal Tap. The current line up with „founding fathers“ Ciaran MacUiliam – guitars, Paul MacAmlaigh - bass and A. A. Nemtheanga – vocals, Michael O’Floinn – guitars and Simon O’Laoghaire – drums thrash their way through 8 epic tracks that mix Black and Pagan Metal, and just the opener „Empire Falls“ will leave you open mouthed. Such incredible power, blast beats and still so much melody – and those vocals, tough but differentiated, rare growl parts, with such intensity – it´s simply great! But such power and massive sound all the time – you somehow get used to it, and that takes away a lot of the initial impact. There is variety, e.g. those clean vocals that give you the creeps – in positive sense – and those atmospheric acoustic parts, but in my opinion it´s not quite balanced. Otherwise it would have been a bull´s eye right into 10 elks.

Klaudia Weber

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