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Fall Of Serenity

Titel / Title The Crossfire 
Label Lifeforce 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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When two years ago a boom named Metalcore began, bands combining (Thrash) Metal-riffs with Hardcore-drumming and -attitude sprung up like mushrooms. In the meantime Metalcore has become a cuss and many bands - out of passion or calculation, who knows – are changing their musical direction.

This is pretty much the case with Fall Of Serenity. The German quintet that started in 1998 with Metalcore has now arrived at the Thrash Metal genre. Therefore it is suitable that Sabina Classen (Holy Moses) sings some guest vocals and Metal legend Dan Swanö produced the record. Therefore the listener will be attacked by a non-stop-riff thunderstorm that encourages violent headbanging. What initially is quite fun, becomes a bit one-dimensional in the long term. Especially vocals and drumming begin to sound monotone so you can hardly distinguish the songs. Still a good CD.

Timo Päßler, transl. K. Weber

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