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Titel / Title Goodbye To All That  
Label Spikefarm Records 
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„Goodbye To All“ is the third album of this Finnish band and prove that the guys in the North also know how to play soft music. No Heavy Metal, this act rather fits into the „Pop“ category, provided that you made room there also for melancholic-alternative sounds in the style of Radiohead – that means soft but still gloomy and abysmal, bittersweet poison, a suicide note on pink-flowered paper. And if this isn´t enough yet – a certain Mika Tauriainen, better known as Entwine frontman, explores here the dimensions of his vocal abilities. Which is one of the reasons that ShamRain compare favourably with e.g. Radiohead... A simply beautiful soundtrack for autumn/winter depressions (e. g. „Raindrops“, „Goodbyes Painted Black“), and I bet neither mom nor the neighbours really mind if you play this one really loud...

Klaudia Weber

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