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Titel / Title Come out and play  
Label AntstreetRecords 
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„Come Out and Play“ is out in Italy, the home country of the three musicians, for some time already, in Germany the debut album of Spiteful is, however, only released now. On it you can hear emo punk in its purest form with dual singing between desperate lead vocals and screamed backing vocals, like you would expect it from any emo band. Also the black outfits are present – thus everything after the rule book. Musically the band sounds halfway decent and reminds of early works of My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday and Funeral for a Friend but lyrically the band really takes the cake. The lyrics are banal and are more or less always about the same topic: boy meets girl, girl ditches boy, boy sulks and, horribly, writes a song about it. Emo like it lives and breathes and also the vocabulary comes straight out of the emo dictionary: hate, regret, fears, desires, tears, hurt… and “sharp-witted” lines like „ok, don´t be scared, have a beer, there are hundreds of hot chicks outta here“ don´t really show a poetic vein with the Italians. Also, regarding the probably rather female target audience , they should pay a little more attention to the choice of their words. Not too much spite in Spiteful!

Kathleen Gransalke

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