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Titel / Title Graceful & Light 
Label Fastballmusic/Neo/Sony/BMG 
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„Graceful & Light“ is the third album of the two boys and the girl of Cloudberry, produced and recorded by Kurt Ebelhäuser who took care of Blackmail, Scrumbucket and Donots before, at Studio 45.

The listener will find mainly beautiful melancholic Pop songs that have you drift off in dreaming. Despite the melancholy the trio doesn´t become boring or one-dimensional, the songs feature a variety of elements, e.g. Pop guitars used as accent, or the female voice on „A Feeling Justified“, or the violin part on „The Paintgarden“. And there are also organ parts that provide variety.

Part of this variety are opposites, like the going-forward „A Feeling Justified“ opposint „Ripcord“ that focuses on light and airy sounds and still has the required depth. Stylistically Cloudberry play Alternative Rock-Pop that will surely attract a lot of listeners. Yet that does not mean that this band is just a replaceable act among many others, because they are original and creative. As comparison only The Smashing Pumpkins can be mentioned, as Moni Grysa´s vocal style sounds a bit like them.

The CD is a bit short, 14 songs and just 30 minutes, but perhaps this is one part of the success recipe: Short songs that feature their own harmony and quickly make a point. „Graceful & Light“ creates the feeling of comfort and is the right album for an evening with good friends.

Melanie Sindel, transl. K. Weber

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