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Titel / Title The Atrocity Exhibition – Exhibit A 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Total run time
Vö/Releasealready released / bereits erschienen 
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Well, no surprises here: Exodus is and always will be a thrash metal band and ”The Atrocity Exhibition – Exhibit A” proves that the Bay area veterans meant business with their comeback, especially as the release of ”Exhibit B” is planned for next year.
So, thrash metal at its purest is the name of the game. But it´s by no means bad thrash metal, although the genre itself hasn´t had too much to offer for some time. Breathtaking riffs and driving, pounding drums in true Exodus style is enough to make many new bands look like high school prom orchestras. The biggest disappointment is the length of the songs or rather the fact that there aren´t too many new innovations to fill them. Only nine songs on a one hour long album takes away a lot of the attacking power on some of the songs.
Nevertheless, Exodus has once again produced a good, solid album that they can be proud of. And I´m sure the fans agree and take their time to bang a few heads to ”The Atrocity Exhibition – Exhibit A” while waiting for ”Exhibit B” which, judging by this album, should be well worth the wait.

Sami Iivonen

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