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Al Andaluz Project

Titel / Title De Deus et Diabolus 
Label Galileo MC 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 

Do you know that feeling, that you listen to music that is so beautiful you could cry? Well, Goths and Pagans should go and get this one right away. Estampie from Munich, Germany, and L´Ham de Foc from Valenica, Spain, met 2005 for the first time at a concert of the Sephard side project of L´Ham de Foc during the Jewish Culture Festival at Munic. This first meeting soon resulted in a common project, and they played concerts together. In November 2006 the new album „Deus et Diabolus“ was recorded under the name „Al Andaluz Project“, and now it has finally reached our markets. This exciting mixture of European medieval and Near-Eastern Arabic instrumentation / rhythms, Baroque Middle-European church choir and Spanish/Arabic Folklore has you listening to this CD not once but at least three times in a row, and you still cannot get enough of it. The „entertainment program“ must have sounded like this at Toledo´s courts back then when the Moorish culture dominated... simply great!

Klaudia Weber

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