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Punk´d Royal

Titel / Title Bellyfeel  
Label Pretty Pink 
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„Bellyfeel“ is a Newspeak word from George Orwell´s cult novel “1984” and means something like „blind, enthusiastic acceptance of an idea“. If the title was chosen because of the book or if it´s just a little mistranslation of the German word “Bauchgefühl” (gut feeling) remains unclear for the moment. It is clear, however, that the three guys from Dusseldorf, Germany, play indie rock that has precious little to do with punk like the band name suggests. Bloc Party seem to be a major influence but of “fat and forceful”, as the press info claims, you can´t hear anything far and wide. The songs are about going out, dancing, having fun, teenager problems – so not really profound reflections about the meaning of life. The vocal abilities of the singer are quite limited and therefore can´t give the songs any more color, apart from that also his knowledge of the English language is not yet fully developed. On a positive note, the band obviously approached the recordings quite unconcernedly and thus at least they themselves had fun with the album.

Kathleen Gransalke

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