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V.A. - Nightmare on Anstreet

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Ants, scientific name Formicidae, of the order Hymenoptera belong to one of the most widespread species of the world. Whether these fascinating creatures can also be found on Antstreet in the German town of Ensdorf is unknown but it´s known that the record label Antstreet Records, which has now released a compilation with the appealing title “Nightmare on Antstreet”, resides there. On it you can find 25 songs of bands of the label but also friends of some bands were allowed to press their musical works on the CD. What connects the songs of the mostly from Germany or Italy hailing bands is neo-punk played in different ways – sweet as sugar (1,2,9,17,19,21,22,23), or more snotty (4,7,25), grungy (3,11,12,16 ) or more oldschool (5,13,15,18,20,24) or just a little bit more Italian (6,8,10,14). Not all of the songs hit the bull´s eye but there should be one or the other new discovery amongst them. And for only 10e in the Antstreet Online Shop the financial loss would be at a minimum if it´s really not your cup of tea.

01. Janez Deted - Deep
02. Small State - Pirates in Stereo
03. Daylightseventimes - The longest journey
04. Guitarshop Asshole - Rock´n Roll Asshole
05. Bastards On Holiday - Eaten by Carrions
06. Minnie´s - We are
07. Hellbent On Rocking - Rock Solid
08. Not Available - Cerveza
09. 12Hoursgone - Goodbye Redelish
10. Garretti - La realta die fatti
11. Ascension - Not this time
12. 3 Feet Smaller - Headlights
13. The Dead Notes - Because of you
14. Los Fastidios - Un calcio ad un pallone

Kathleen Gransalke

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