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In Mourning

Titel / Title Shrouded Divine 
Label Aftermath Music 
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Indeed some nice ear candy that this small Norwegian Label Aftermath Music offers us here. The Swedish Act In Mourning provide their very impressive debut album. Progressive Melodic Deah Metal of highest quality, and the good thing is – despite their weird sounds that sometimes remind of VoiVod – that they have not forgotten how to write good songs. Growl vocals are there as well as clean parts, a good mixture of rough and soft parts, plus cool groove... and even a portion of Emo, just listen to a vocal part at „The Black Lodge“. Just the title track represents their musical spectrum already, and the whole thing doesn´t lose it´s appeal after listening to it many times. The only thing to complain about – I had several deja-vus, sometimes I thought I hear Elenium, and „Past October Skies“ sounds as if the Swallow The Sun guys went a bit more Prog. But still, absolutely recommendable.

Klaudia Weber

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