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Scout Niblett

Titel / Title This fool can die now 
Label Too Pure/The Beggars Group & Matador Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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When you hear the name Scout Niblett, you probably think of an American redneck. But in this case this is wrong, because this is an excellent female singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon, who knows how to put a spell on her listeners, impressing with a mixture of melancholy, intelligent lyrics and wistful thoughts.

The journey through the emotional winterland and autumn scenery begins with the elementary question „Do you want to be buried with my people?“, followed by the heart-rending „Kiss“, which is one of the pearls on this album. Both tracks are given in classical duet manner. Throughout her third album album Miss Niblett offers a lot of depth and great lyrics.

„This fool can die now“ is not a usual singer-songwriter record. Besides guitar you hear drums, piano, violin, cello in minimalistic use, therefore it sounds the songs „rounded“. The song „Moon Lake“ is to be emphasised, because the young artist proves her percussion skills.

S. Nibletts voice torments a little bit sometimes. But: it fits - from quietly, warm, to loud and angry, everything is there. And it touches your soul. Smashing guitars suit the tracks „let thin heart be warmed“ and „Nevada“ quite well.

Thematically „This fool...“ is about love, partnership, loneliness, frustration and anger, and indeed, Miss Niblett knows how to convince with her music, voice and lyrics. Each song makes you feel what she means, even you don`t listen to her words. This reminds me a little bit of P.J. Harvey and that`s absolutely ok, because „ This fool can die now“ is not a copy, but a variation with a strong personal note. In fact: this record is very diverse, emotional and intelligent. Absolutely recommendable!

Holger Hofmann

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