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Titel / Title Downburst 
Label Metal Blade 
Total run time
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Brainstorm have been around for more than a decade, and quite successfully. I might offend True/Power Metal fans here, but in my opinion the Germans should shake off their past completely and as fast as possible. I simply like them much better when they play more epic Prog Metal style – powerful, massive, rather mid-tempo, extremly catchy but without Kitsch. Unfortunately I cannot label the album as a whole like that. Sometimes it´s too much Old School for my taste, and right from the start. Only later the band shows their qualities and their feeling for big songs. Andy B. Franck is an exceptional singer who could push Queensryche-fronter Geoff Tate from his throne in terms of skill and complex vocals, just listen to „Stained With Sin“, „End In Sorrow“ or „How Do You Feel“, and also „Protect Me From Myself“ is a masterpiece. But still, sometimes this Judas-Priest-“United“ style stuff pops up... well, fans of the genre mentioned can just go and by this one, without hesitation.

Klaudia Weber

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