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Finest Noise, The

Titel / Title Sampler Vol 19 
Label Finest Noise 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Can this be true, you get something for free? Well, this sampler for example, it costs 1,50 Euros in stamps... This CD presents 21 examples of bands who have found their home recently at Finest Noise label. And to mention it right away, even Metal heads will enjoy this one. There is Noopinion, for example, this band sounds like "Iron Maiden goes Emo". Heavy guitars and fast drumming are featured also by Redhanded, Scared To Death and Thoushaltlie. Barbudos Movement reminds a bit of Schweisser, combining German Hip-Hop with Metal-Riffs. Rather Alternative are Gravel Juice (with a female singer), Hesslers or Bloomside; Citizen Fever and Everblame got a dose of Stoner Rock and The Dead Notes play straight RockīnīRoll. Mr. Anderson were obviously influenced by Green Day, and the Prog acts Phaze and Tarentatec might be a bit stressful to listen to... Although the vocals of Nom De Guerre, this Should-this-be-Reggae?-sound of Sole Klown and Second Versionīs German Elektro Pop are a bit annoying for me, there is nothing really to complain about. Something to be found for every taste. Recommendable.

Klaudia Weber

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