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Titel / Title Allegro 
Label Modern Noise 
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The tempo indication „allegro“ is used in music for pieces that are played with a metronome marking of 120-168 or “beats per minute”. And with this background knowledge one can already guess where NOOPINION take us with their album “Allegro”. And so the guys from Garmisch, Germany play a mix of punk and hardcore with harmonious singing, melodic sing-along refrains and hardcore shouting, but always supported and propelled by quick drumming. Widely travelled, the guys have also been to China to delight the Chinese as the German ambassadors of punk. Thinking of that, an old question comes to mind, if all Chinese jump up and down at the same time (for example at a gig of the guys), would that cause an earthquake in Europe? While pondering about that, check out the record!

Kathleen Gransalke

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