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V.A. - Airwaves

Titel / Title Airwaves Sampler 
Label Airwaves / Radar 
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The Stockholm based independent record company Airwaves gathers with "Airwaves Music - 10 Tracks" their whole roster, a wide spectrum of styles, from Currents with post rock guitars and surrealistic lyrics to Help.Elp.Lp.P and their jazz inflected groove. Stockholm┤s own krautrock-demons Chicken El Diablo contribute "Juggernaut Jugend", Clark Nova some hard rock, introducing their Airwaves debut "Ticket Out Of Here". Fuglesang can be described as a sci-fi inspired, Elias Krantz as bittersweet drum-driven groove. The vocalist of Tender Souvenirs reminds a bit of U2 Bono, and despite their name, the Swedes Heav´ness provide magnificent walls of sound to dive into and get lost. The duo Mackaper presents American nu-folk artist Larkin Grimm, who contributes some indie-shamanist wailing, and the art project R÷kmorsa defies a simple description.

The sampler surprises with lengthy instrumental parts - that for my taste sound too interchangeable - but is not that bad so that you feel like buying all existing copies to destroy them (as the cover info suggests). If you are into Moby, Radiohead or Coldplay, or if you need a break and feel like relaxing - this might be the right soundtrack.

Klaudia Weber

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