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Titel / Title Yggdrasil 
Label Det Germanske Folket 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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This is a really weird album. First I thought I will hate it but after a while I began to like it, then like it more and at the end I have to admit that itīs bloody brilliant! Yggdrasil is the second full-length album of this Danish one man band and it can be recommended for all funeral doom fans. It sure doesnīt let you down. Just donīt stop listening after the first minutes, as the annoying ”heia heia” -speaking parts come up only occasionally. Isar, the mastermind behind the band, has dark whispering growl voice, which matches perfectly with the slow music. The first minutes of the first song represent the only weak moments in the the album.

The album could also easily be a soundtrack for a nerv wrecking movie like Eraserhead, or it could have been made by some well known norwegian black metal artists. Influences are there, though the album is for sure not a copy.

Saskia Meerbaum, transl. K. Weber

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