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Bourbon Flame

Titel / Title Bourbon Flame 
Label Dark Essence Records | Karisma Records 
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Vö/Releasealready released / bereits erschienen 
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Creaking hard rock and visions of Whisky drinking rockers in tight 80s cloths come to your mind, if you listen to the debut "Bourbon Flame" from the homonymous band hammering out of the speakers.
The sound is not very clean, but that`s just the way it should be, but the label goes a little bit too far by comparing the vocals with Axl Rose and Blackie Lawless. Sure, singer Janto sounds rough and his fits with the sleazy hard rock, but partly it´s just not enough, the well meant bellows especially in the opener "Six Feet Under" can get on your nerves. But the album gets saved by the songs themselves. Good Lord! Amazing guitars and drums, a harmonious base and lyrics, which you shouldn`t take too serious (I hope!). Janto`s voice qualities actually fit with most of the other songs then. If he keeps practicing the next album has the potential to be the next highlight of the year!

Bourbon Flame sound like a mixture of Mötley Crüe, Gun´s & Roses or Faster Pussycat and songs like the opener "Six Feet Under" are of the dirtiest sleazy heavy rocking kind. The guitars are hot and singer Janto screams and bellows at the top of his lungs. This guy is simply made for this kind of rock`n´roll. The first class producing makes the songs burst out of the speakers with all their might. In the midpart of "Rooster In A Henhouse" they quite apparently ripped off the Gunners, but that`s not important. After having listened to this very long on 80s silver slice you put out your colored headscarfs again and get reminded of why the bands mentioned above have been that successful. As the next Gun`s & Roses album keeps being delayed and probably won`t ever be released, every sleazer should definitely take hold of this one. They won`t squeeze out a album like this one anyway. You can have a listen to it like commonly practiced at the MySpace site of the booze bottles.
You won`t find any triggered drums or over produced, super heavy guitars. A living earthy sound, here the Whiskey is acoustically flowing out of the speakers.

Saskia Meerbaum

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