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Label Displeased Records 
Total run time
32:00 + 110 DVD 
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Itīs hight time that the historic era of Death/Thrash legends Master has found a re-release. The 1990 Master debut with the same name was decently re-mastered, so the sound is quite clear but still a raw attack on your ears. And in all those years neither Paul Speckmanīs brutal noise attacks (Pledge Of Allegiance) have not lost its appeal, nor his more sophisticated cover verison of Black Sabbathīs Children Of The Grave. With the CD comes a 110 min DVD, yet those live recordings can be recommended to fans or collectors only, especially the first bit from Holland, Drieluik, Zaandam, Dec 1, 1990.: Nauseating camera movements, eerie sound. The latter is hardly better concerning the Rockfabrik clip (Dec 13, 1990), but at least the picture is stable...

Klaudia Weber

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