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Steel Attack

Titel / Title Carpe DiEnd 
Label Massacre Records 
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It is indeed still possible to be positively surprised! Sometimes one should not immediately succumb to the spontaneous getaway-reflex hearing the term „power metal“. Steel Attack proceed from the point where Metal Church or Savatage knocked it off, ant they rather sound like the old Iced Earth or the new Tarot. In other words, they accumulate the best from this genre, and instead of an overdose of bombast you get songs spiced with Prog, and that keeps it interesting. Moreover, with Ronny Hemlin they have a genious regarding modes of expression, and he adds the right frame to the songs. Well, the last one drags on a bit – but until then those Swedes have already taken over all heards and ears. I´m simply stunned. Buy it!

Klaudia Weber

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