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Black Crucifixion

Titel / Title Promethean Gift 
Label Soulseller Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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We (or some of us) have heard that stuff already in 1993, but after 15 years it should be allowed to release those songs again, and particularily because the original version has long disappeared in the shelves of collectors.

Black Crucifixion had been active only for a few years and therefore is a cult band in the underground scene. The band plays slow doomy Dark Metal, which impresses with its atmosphere. Perhaps one of the reasons is the fact that this band comes from Lapland where the sun hardly can be seen for almost half a year. The MCD Promethean Gift contains only 4 songs in its original version, but the re-release was eked out with an old studio track from 1996, two demo songs and a live song. Recommendable to all Old School Black/Doom Metal fans.

1. Promethean Gift
2. Serpent of your Holy Garden
3. Journey into myself
4. Flowing Downwards

Previously unreleased bonus material:
5. Suomi Finland Saatana (studio track 1996)
6. Black Crucifixion (demo 1991)
7. Death Water (demo 1993)
8. Flowing Downwards (live 1993)

Pia Sundström, tansl.K.Weber

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