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My Uncle The Wolf

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Haste makes waste, one after another and trying things out and improvising doesnīt do harm - that might be the motto of My Uncle The Wolf. They neither searched for bandmembers in a hasty way (ok, they hired their drummer right after a two-minute jamsession), nor did they go crazy with songwriting or searching a rehearsal room. Thus itīs now time for the selftitled debut album, after they had been jamming, grooving and improvising together since 2005. They live in Brooklyn, but they sound so damn Southern like, that itīs hard to believe. Produzer Jimmy Bower (Down, Eyehategod), might have had quite an influence. And apart from producing he took over the bass duties as well.

All songs sound pretty mature - doomy, heavy, quite psycheledic sometimes, massive riffs, - and all that mixed to a thunderous sound, that is wafting out of the speakers and setting the listeners teeth on edge.

This record is surely everything but boring, variety is top priority and those who have a big grin in their faces when hearing names like Kyuss, Down or Corrosion of Conformity, should rush to the record dealer immediately to get hold of this CD. When this is only the debut album, what will come next? Well, Iīm eaglery waiting for things to come!

Cornelia Wickel

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