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Tribute to Nothing

Titel / Title Breathe How You Want To Breathe 
Label Ass-Card Records 
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The British Band Tribute To Nothing is back with the 7th album "Breathe How You Want To Breathe". Well and I immediately say "categorize them as you want to categorize", this might be a bit difficult. Punkrock? Hm, not enough. Post-Hardcore? Yep, we´ll take that one for categorizing´s sake.

However those guys are able to put melodies, enough power and on top of it all lots of emotion on this record without getting stuck in one genre. "Breathe How You Want To Breathe" is not only the title of the album itself, but also the title of the first song, with which the guys from GB start off in quite a calm way. But that won´t last for too long. We´re not here for relaxing and thus impellent guitars and drums are being added after a while. The calmer parts are kept within a limit, they prefer to place emphasis on the emotional and musical outbreaks, that´s how it should be, yes! Apart from that I´d certify most songs as pretty catchy tunes with a high sing-along-potential. Just listen to the anthemlike second song "Day In, Day Out" e.g. those who don´t feel like singing along there are surely deaf. I´m sure Tribute To Nothing will proof the sing-along qualities of their songs on the upcoming tour.

After six albums those guys surely know what they´re doing, thus there´s nothing to complain for me, so: Go and buy this album, if you´re into Punk/Post-(Hard)core and the like. And for those who normally don´t listen to such stuff, just check it out. It´s worth it!

Cornelia Wickel

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