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After the release of "Dreams of endless war" (2002) Norther quickly ended in the "sounds like Children of Bodom" corner, a phenomenon well know to a lot of Finnish bands (mostly in the Gothic genre, where every band of course sounds like HIM). How difficult it is to get rid of that almighty shadow showed the following releases. Even that they sounded fresher and were full with own ideas and gorgeous songs like "Death Unlimited", no one really noticed them (at least here in Germany). Now, with the fifth output - simple titled "N" - this shall change.

As on the "Solution 7" EP and the following full-length album "Til death unites us", again the main focus next to Petris dark growls are the clean vocals - not only the most obvious but also the most successful difference concerning the Children of a certain lake. Of course, Krides voice takes away a bit of the roughness of the songs but maybe this is a chance to make the music interesting for those who didn`t like that kind of music that much before. And don't worry, even that the cd as a whole is more melodic and calmer, there`s still a lot room for these neckbreaker songs like "We rock" with quicker-than-you-guitars.

Buy it - if as alternative or yet just to shorten the wait for the new COB- album - it`s worth it. The first edition also contains three bonustracks.

Marie-Luise Führ

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