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Titel / Title Dead to the past, blind for tomorrow 
Label Mach XX / SPV 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Despite of big advertising, interviews and entirely positive reviews in all relevant media, "Out of the Dark" stayed just a little but shining pearl among the mass of the releases of (Finnish) gothic rock acts. Sometimes it`s difficult to see the real beauty between the painted ones, even if it contains the material the "great one" is looking for in vain lately. Catchy, new and not resting on the pink laurels of the past. But most of the time, the name on the outside is more worth than the inside.

If "Dead to the past, blind for tomorrow" can change this fate, only time will know but the path is made...

This cd contains everything that you need for not only bringing the hearts of little gothic girls to beat faster: eleven songs, eleven pieces of extremely hard to get rid off-ear candy. A singer, that shows the fullness of his great voice and is not only mumbling something monotone into the micro. Grief-stricken ballads ("Just one word (goodbye)), Rockers ("Non-stop-glorious ride") and most of all the single "Twilight Child", for every dark mood the right song. And - thanks to the production done by Aksu (Entwine) - a lot rougher than on "Out of the Dark".

With this masterpiece Reflexion does not scratch shyly at the throne, they strike HIM down. The king is dead, long live the king. Let's only hope that the people will notice it this time.

Marie-Luise Führ

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