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Crooks, The

Titel / Title High Society Rock´n´Roll 
Label OTO Records 
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The Italian himself seems just made for the extravagant and sexed up genre of glam rock and also The Crooks from Milano bring everything together on their third studio album “High Society Rock´n´Roll” that needs to be there, lyrically: Fights, Dope, Girls, Leather Boots, Tattoos and, of course, Love. Musically they are heavily influenced by 80s icons like Hanoi Rocks and the New York Dolls – glammy rock´n´roll with dachshund appeal (see cover!). With so amusing stage names like Vinnie DNA, Fab O´Loose, Steve Beach, Ette Boy and the motto „I´d kill a man for rock´n´roll“ they already have the right attitude for exactly that sound, however, I miss a little bit of a modern touch to get the record out of the past and “back to the future”. Heat up the flux capacitor already!

Kathleen Gransalke

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