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Shade Empire

Titel / Title Zero Nexus 
Label Dynamic Arts 
Total run time
Vö/Release12.03.2008 (FIN) 
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Dimmu Borgir-Black Metal? Nu Metal? Industrial? Prog? A touch of Björk? Nothing like that, really, but still - elements of all those can be found on Shade Empire´s latest output "Zero Nexus", the second with Finnish label Dynamic Arts Records. An exciting cocktail, and only a couple of days after the official release in Finland it hit nr. 15 of Finnish album charts, the highest ranking ever also for the record company - let´s see if those six guys from Kuopio also make it abroad.

OK, I try to describe it - basically it´s right in your face-aggressive Metal, blast beats and bombast, Nightwish-epic-orchestral style mixes with industrial parts a la Pain, there are clean tenor (Jorma Koponen) and growl vocals... The latter in particular evokes comparisons with those Black Metal icons - Juha Harju sounds a lot like Shagrath. And, well, "Flesh Relinquished" and "Harvesters Of Death" are tracks you wished you had heard from the Norwegians lately... Female vocals by Petra Lisitsin provide this occasional "touch of Björk" (e.g. "Adam & Eve"), and "Victory" even goes Jazz/Prog, adding Saxophone played by Aku Kolari - which is a bit too much "variety" for my taste... Therefore I find the band´s own definition "Hybrid Metal" the best way out of this categorization dilemma. So listen and try for yourself. Definitely one of those Finnish bands you have to keep an eye on anyway!

Klaudia Weber

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