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Ebony Ark

Titel / Title When the City is Quiet 
Label Ascendance Records 
Total run time
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Everybody who is into atmospheric Metal ballads will find his taste echoed in the music of the Spanish Goth-Metallers EBONY ARK around singer Beatriz Albert. Hard to believe that there still exists a Metal band with a classically trained female fronter that doesn`t try to fit in the shopworn Nightwish / Within Temptation pattern. Beatriz, who has a voice that gives you goosebumps, provides for the required uniqueness, which simply doesn`t allow any prejudiced comparisons. The thirteen tracks are very well composed and arranged, whereas the vocals definitely are in the focus. The vocal performance carries the songs, the music seems to be just attachment. Quite understandable, but sometimes regrettable, though. You wish for more drive, a lot of great moments in the background are not extracted properly enough. It remains to hope that the band finally, after a long search and a lot of bad luck, found a save home in their new label Ascendance Records and can tie in with their past success. A lot of potential is hiding here, a band you should keep your eyes and ears on

Katrin Dietl

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