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Titel / Title Difference 
Label Spinefarm 
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The third album is a matter of 'make it or break it'. Typical, that the Finnish power metal formation Dreamtale have called this very important album "Difference". Musically there aren't really any differences, the change of vocalist (now Jarkko Ahola) takes the guys from the north to a higher level and the hymnical songs are enjoyable and varied.

So far, so good, but the band seems to have some sort of sixth sense for predicting the future, because shortly after they finished recording "Difference", longtime guitarist Esa Orjatsalo left the dream tale. He had made a statement about the founding of the band in the opening song "Lost Souls"; with nice, raw singing, flexible guitar work, heavy keyboards and a proper dose of double bass, as well as a catchy refrain, it sounded like a less complex Stratovarius song. "Wings Of Icaros" is also an up-tempo hymn with catchy guitar leads and a mercilessly good chorus. "Lucid Times" starts with some atmospheric keyboards and a piano line reminiscent of Savatage, and then the songs steps up in tempo and turns into a rhythmical and stirring mid-tempo grenade, complete with great singing. "We Are One" reminds of the childrens choir parts on the Stratovarius "Elements" albums, the keyboards sound like Thyrfing in the days of "Valdr Galga", very charming and atmospheric.

Fresh compositions, varied songs, a great singer and catchy melodies produce a high quality album, but it lacks a certain individuality to reach the absolute top of the genre. But who knows, maybe on the fourth album...

Ingo Gie▀mann

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