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Titel / Title Nocturnal Misantropia 
Label Schwarzdorn Production 
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Black Metal in a version that I also find appealing. Atmospheric, melodic, rough, blast beats and groove in a nice mixture, and also the sound/recording quality is OK. The Spanish band featuring Nocturno (git, b, whistle&vox), Daga (keys), Aboriorth (dr&perc) and Iron (git) presents here their debut, after many line-up problems and a 7 year dry spell. And this debut is absolutely remarkable. As a comparison I might think of old Ulver or Aeternus, but also the early works of Dornenreich. Only one thing I could not quite grasp - this 2 min of minimalistic bell tingling ("Ate A Morte"), giving the impression that the CD is stuck... and the playing time is a bit short. Still, an album that could appeal to fans outside the genre, too.

Klaudia Weber

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