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Still Fear

Titel / Title Belive or not 
Label UK Deivision Records 
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The Italians Still Fear found each other in 2000 and decided on writing their own music, a mixture of Metal, Punk and Rock. As all the band members had a faible for the 80s bands, they wanted to create something new, a mix of old and modern styles.

After several years and line up change in 2005 their demo version of „Believe it or Not“ was recorded which is now finally released. With their debut album the trio from Turin proves that they could succeed in their plans. This CD is definitely something for Metal fans, Punk is not so much a part of the new song material. The band reminds you a bit of the Foo Fighters. The only minus – singer DD could add a bit more expression to his voice, and sometimes he can hardly be heard as the vocals are covered by the sound. Still, an exciting album.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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