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Titel / Title Hymns In The Key Of 666 
Label Despotz Records 
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This trio from Gothenburg features a fragile female lead voice and acoustic instrumentation (guitar, Cello, piano) only, and their evil mission is to destroy Metal classics (e.g. Iron Maiden´s The Trooper, Run To The Hill, AC/DC-Thunderstruck, Metallica´s Blackened, Megadeth´s Symphony Of Destruction) by re-interpreting them in their own style. They call it „Lounge Metal“, something that sounds like a bunch of Woodstock survivors at a camp fire – that means a mix of Folk/Soul/60s Pop/Bob Dylan - it´s dreamy, soft, meditative, pretty much the opposite of the original versions.
Re-interpretation of Metal classics has become quite a phenomenon, and I cannot say that I enjoy it much – those Swing versions for example, AAAARGH. But in this case I must admit - LIKE IT, and A LOT. Basically because this Swedish trio really managed to make these songs „their own“, so that it seems they only „borrowed“ the lyrics and basic harmonies of Metal classics, and it´s really astounding what they made of Slayer´s „Seasons in the Abyss“, Sabbath´s „Paranoid“ or Twisted Sister´s „We´re not gonna take it“. The right album to entertain Metalheads at summerfestival after parties. Simply great!

Klaudia Weber

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