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Soul Of The Cave

Titel / Title Asphalt 
Label UK Division 
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SOUL OF THE CAVE are four guys from Rome, Italy, who have been together since 2003 and now release their debut "Asphalt". The music cannot be easily labelled as classic Rock, that would be too simple, there are too many experimental progressive elements. Yet it is also not Prog-Rock, there are NuMetal influences, too, and the bass sounds sometimes like Jazz. You really donīt know where to put the band when you listen to it for the first time. The music isnīt catchy and easy-listening, there are many breaks and style changes, and although there are many soli they donīt get boring. Very interesting in any case, and well done; confusing sometimes, but itīs worth to listen to the CD several times. Musically the guys are top, and hardly ever a CD has fascinated me so much and made me focus on every single tone. As if you donīt want to miss the next surprise.

One of the best albums Iīve been listening to recently.

Sabine Koch, transl. K. Weber

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