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Lamp Of Thoth, The

Titel / Title Cauldron of Witchery 
Label Eyes Like Snow 
Total run time
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The label puts The Lamp of Thoth into the category Occult Doom Metal, and you cannot overhear their esoteric occult roots. They sing about doom, curses, secrets, virgins and demons. Some tunes sound oriental, the vocals are rather toting and conjuring. Everything is dark and slow, you can almost see a witch dancing around her cauldron. Altogehter not much variety, not really exciting, voice and tunes donīt have anything surprising. The last two songs must be live recordings, slightly punky with a snotty chorus that sticks out. Yet the quality of this recording is not very good and sounds like college band. Irritatingly unprofessional. Everything is pretty average and boring.

Sabine Koch, transl. K. Weber

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